This ranch house in a western suburb of Boston, the first home for a  couple with two small children, was an ideal candidate for a major upgrade. Its failing siding, obsolete windows, ancient boiler, and  beat-up roof -- coupled with near-perfect south-facing orientation --  made it a poster child for NSTAR's deep energy retrofit pilot  program. NSTAR's generous funding stretched the homeowners' limited  financial resources just far enough to make the project possible

Additional help came from Cambridge HEET , who became enthusiastic enough about the project to convince a large team to leave their Cambridge home base for a weekend to help  the homeowners super-insulate the basement. Mike Duclos of the DEAP  Energy Group provided technical assistance to the project team.

A portfolio of our Deep Energy Retrofit work, complete with 'all the numbers' is available here.

Home Energy Magazine Article on Deep Energy Retrofits (DER) January 2, 2013 - Paul Eldrencamp and Mike Duclos collaborated on the three Deep Energy Retrofits described in the Jan/Feb 2013 Home Energy Magazine article available here, which include this project.