Plus Net Energy DER - 500 KWHR to spare in 2013 !
National Grid DER Program, Melrose, MA

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Welcome to the inaugural newsletter of the DEAP Energy Group, LLC.

Once a month or so, Mike Duclos and I will be letting you know what we're up to -- interesting jobs we're working on, data we've gathered that we think might be useful to you, puzzlers and unexpected findings from our ongoing research, upcoming talks and workshops, and a range of other topics.

This month we'd like to highlight an award that a project we consulted on received at last week's stellar Building Energy 14 Conference in Boston. We'd also like to alert you to some workshops we're doing next week at another excellent conference -- JLC-Live in Providence, March 19-21.

Efficiently yours,
--Paul Eldrenkamp, Principal, DEAP Energy Group LLC

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