Paul W. Panish holds a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University.

He worked for 30 years in various high tech fields ranging from Semiconductor Materials Research and Electronic Circuit Design to Communications, Software Engineering, and Software Engineering Management.

Paul became interested in Solar Cell Technology while engaged in semiconductor research in Germany, and combined this interest with building science when, in the mid-90's, he designed and helped build his off-grid passive solar home in Barrington, New Hampshire. Paul has been an active participant in the NESEA Tour of Solar Homes since 1998.

In 2007 Paul made a decision to change careers, and join Advanced Building Analysis, LLC as an associate, providing services as a Consultant/Energy Rater working independently and in cooperation with the Massachusetts ENERGY STAR Program.

More recently Paul’s efforts have turned in the direction of Passive House engineering and design in addition to his other consulting services.

The Passive House Standard is the most rigorous building energy standard in the world.

Consultants, projects or building components that have obtained the right to carry the logo have committed themselves to design excellence and the Passive House energy performance criteria.
“Certified Passive House™ and the related Logo is a certification mark
owned by the Passive House Institute US | PHIUS and is used by permission.”