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Passive House Massachusetts -  Videos, GoToMeeting Links & Newsletter

Typically on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, Passive House New England arranges with the Boston Society of Architects for use of the excellent BSA Space for a meeting with a presentation on one of the many aspects of Passive House. Meetings are typically from 6:30  to 8 PM, after which we adjourn to Trades for beverages and networking; 

Meetings are announced in the Passive House New England Newsletter, always with an unsubscribe link. 

Note: To use these links to view recorded meetings, you must have the GoToMeeting or the GoToMeeting codec installed, details  here

PH MA June 21, 2016 - Craig Foley - The Valure of R-Value and NPV of PV: Selling High Performance Homes in an Indffererent Market  
Video  Slides

PH MA May 10, 2016 - Steve DeMetrick - Rhode Island's First Certifided Passive House
Audio Only Slides

PH MA November 10, 2015 - Nathan Phelps - Grids Eye View of Zero Net Energy

PH MA March 10, 2015 - Marc Rosenbaum - PHIUS Draft Climate Adapted Standard 

PH MA March 24, 2014 - Dr. Shibaike - Hygrothermal issues with PH in Japan

PH MA February 11, 2014 - The Environmental Impact of High Performance Construction

Passive House: Planning and Design - Portland, ME - Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mike Duclos will be presenting this interactive seminar for the fourth time at the Doubletree by Halfmoon Seminars, see the brochureregister online, or call 715-835-5900. 

NESEA Building Energy Masters Series - Passive House in the Real World  
September 12, 2016 - Spend four weeks with certified Passive House Consultant Mike Duclos, learning how to apply Passive House principles in the real world. With a brief nod to theory and computation, this course will mainly focus on tips, tricks, pitfalls, and what to expect when making Passive House a reality. Through case studies, videos, readings, quizzes, and Mike’s guidance you will enhance your ability to be a part of a Passive House project team, the most vital component of any successful Passive House project. 

Learn more here

DEAP Energy Group Newsletters

May, 2016 - Venting about Ventilation

fDEAP Energy Group Seminar

Passive House Planning and Design

This all day in pesron semiar  is targeted at those who want an in-depth introduction to Passive House, and who may be considering designing, constructing or being a member of a Passive House team. 

North Haven, CT - May 26, 2016
Manchester, NH - July 13, 2016

Affordable Comfort Inc. - Just what the name implies. Below are a remarkable collection of presentations from the national and local conferences are available, here are some of the most recent: 

Affordable Comfort Inc, San Francisco Home Performance Conference, March, 2011 

Affordable Comfort Inc, New England Home Performance Conference, October, 2011

Affordable Comfort Inc, Austin  Home Performance Conference, March, 2010 

Affordable Comfort Inc, Kansas City Home Performance Conference, April, 2009

 Affordable Comfort Inc, Pittsburgh Home Performance Conference, April 2008

 Affordable Comfort Inc, New England Home Performance Conference, October 2008

Affordable Comfort Inc, Saratoga Springs, NY, Solutions for Success, Feb. 2008 - More on-line  presentations by regional and national leaders in their respective areas of expertise. Over 20 workshops, presentations and field trips have posted materials from this two day conference targeted at the Northeast. 

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy - ACEEE - A nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection. Good website, references HERS Raters, energy audits with IR and blower door testing, etc. 

ASHRAE 62.2-2004 Presentation – Minimum required ventilation presentation by Paul Raymer, voting member IAQ subcommittee. Nice vertical slice diagrams of neutral pressure plane. Vivid pictures and descriptions. Study on effects of depressurization (spillage, backdrafting, CO concentration increase, etc.). 

ASHRAE 62.2-2004 Presentation – WSU, very good practical illustrations, many interesting options, a variety of ideas here, wood stove requirements, etc. good discussion of radon mitigation system integration 


BCI Joists – Boise Cascade Engineered Trusses, Joists 

Blower Door Diagnostics - Spreadsheet for evalution of building pressures due to exhaust fans coming soon!

Benchmarking and Monitoring Residential Building Performance - Video - 10/26/2011 - Paul Eldrenkamp of the DEAP Energy Group presents this free webinar hosted by Onset Computer. Paul introduces strategies and methods for establishing benchmarks against which to measure residential building performance. Paul demonstrates tools and techniques for measuring and monitoring, including data loggers, flow meters, CO2 monitors, and others. View this video here

Advanced Blower Door Diagnostics Slides

For more on Zonal Pressure Diagnostics (ZPD) see "Z" below

Blower Door, Heat Loss, Weatherization, etc.- Presentations, white papers, etc.  R. J. Karg Associates

The Energy Conservancy - Minneapolis Blower Door - An excellent source of blower doors, duct blasters, and other related test equipment as well as knowledgeable source of testing procedures, etc. 

Build Boston '11 - Primarially oriented toward architects, this year's Build Boston also contains a full track of NESEA speakers. 

Building America - The Building America program is aiming for a 20%–30%
reduction in energy use in existing homes. 

Building Science Corporation - Objective, high quality information about buildings, combining building physics, systems design concepts, and an awareness of sustainability to promote durable healthy and economical buildings. 

The Trouble with Building Science -  A Fine Homebuilding article, interesting historical perspective, disturbing trends in buildings, etc., a very interesting read. 

Heat Loss Mechanisms –– A dissertation on insulation and building materials, Thermal Control in Buildings, Heat Transfer, etc. 


Carbon - We often speak about carbon, but what is it really, Get the down and dirty details here
Click the arrow in the upper right corner for full screen mode. 

Energy Conversion Calculator 

Building Science and Equipment Links 

Combustion Appliance Zone - CAZ - Related Links
Minneapolis Study of CAZ issues CO increases with back drafting, use of APT procedure for consistent test methodology

Moving Existing Homes toward Carbon Neutrality – Affordable Comfort Inc,- ACI 2007 Conference - Deep energy reductions (70–90%) are achievable now, but full scale implementation will benefit from technical innovations and institutional partnerships. 

Code and Program Related Documents 

Thermal Bypass Checklist - The old checklist used by ENERGY STAR Version 2, but used in 2012 and 2013 for Mass. Stretch Code compliance. 

Thermal Bypass Checklist Guide  - A guide used to become familiar with the detals implied by the rather terse checklist above. 

Thermal Enclosure Checklist - ENERGY STAR Revison 3 checklist, for the MA Residential New Homes Program Tier I, II and III use sections 3 and 5 only, per the 2013 Program Year incentive application requirement. 

Thermal Enclosure Checklist Guidebook - A guide used to become familiar with the detals implied by the rather terse checklist above. 


Data Logging

October 26, 2011, Webinar Onset Computer, Bourne, MA - 2 PM - The Paul Eldrenkamp presented a webinar on the use of various data loggers in high performance homes, real data, true stories. 
The 55 minute recorded webinar is available here

DER - Deep Energy Retrofits - Preparing our homes for the future

1000 Homes Challenge - THE go to resource including Why Deep Reductions, Case StudiesHow to JoinResources, and a laundry list of Collaborators  that is effectively a 'who's who' in buildings" construction, building materials, mechancials, research, engineering, utilities, etc. Linda Wigington is the amazing woman behind this outstanding initiative. Other people have done it, here you can see how. 

DER - Deep Energy Retrofits - A Preliminary Analysis of Energy Impacts from Partial Deep Energy Retrofit Projects in National Grid's Jurisdiction - June 7, 2012 - Mike Duclos of the DEAP Energy Group performed energy modeling, analysis of utility use data, and consulting for the next phase of the National Grid DER program: partial Deep Energy Retrofts, report is available here

DOE - All about slab insulation

DOE - Data on Energy Use in Buildings

DISRE – Database of Federal and State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency 
US central clearing house for searching for each of these. 

DOW TUFFR – Polyisocyanurate rigid foam board insulation 

DHW Usage, DHW Typical Use Table

ACEEE DHW Forum - Annual meeting in Berkeley, CA with very high qualilty content, everything you wanted to know about DHW (Domestic Hot Water).  Excellent presentations on line from previous years Fourms.  Program and presentations from 2012

Need to convert from Thermal Efficiency and Standby Loss to Energy Factor ? 
Try this  DHW Tank Spreadsheet


Energy Federation Inc - EFI - Local supplier of energy efficiency products from lighting to air sealing materials, provides extensive technical product support. 

EnergyStar Building Upgrade Manual – See Risk/Reward chart page 3

EnergyStar Indoor Air Plus - Indoor air quality by design.

EnergyStar Thermal Bypass Checklist - TBC - Common building design and construction flaw checklist, passing this checklist is a requirement for EnergyStar Homes

EnergyStar Thermal Bypass Checklist Guide - TBC checklist items and discussion heavily illustrated with photographs. 

Thermal Bypass Checklist Challenges – by Ann Marie Apgar of EAM Associates

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Sub-department of US DOE, see the Buildings tab on the left. 


Financing - New instruments for financing Deep Energy Retrofits are on the way !
Learn more about the FHA PowerSaver Loan (up to $25,000) here


Global Warming Potential - GWP - Common insulations, Bergey Slide

Global Warming Calculator - by David White, Right Environments 


Hanover House – Marc Rosenbaum – Slides of one of Marc's more famous very low energy homes.  

Heating Distribution Efficiency – Home Energy Article 

See end note 3, FHA fan in operation increase air infiltration from 1.2 to 6 times, effectively reducing heating system distribution efficiency to 50% during operation. “United needed a hydronic system because too much heat would be lost if only forced air was used to warm the large hangars.” Also see graph of floor covering insulation Rvalue vs radiant heat distribution efficiency. 

Home Energy Audit - RESNET  Standard - A rigorous and detailed approach. 

"The Elephant In The Room - HVAC For High Performance Homes" - This excellent presentation by David Butler on the 'rightsizing' of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems was given at the New Orleans RESNET National Conference in February of 2009. David has graciously granted permission to link this presentation, as well as to his website.  

Home Energy Magaine - Among many excellent articles, this article in Maay 2013 by Lew Harrimand and Rick Chitwood "Measured Results in Redding, CA. 


FLIR IR Cameras – Used in some of the IR examples in slides
FLIR offers an IR for Weatherization training, as well as an IR Building Science training. 

ITC - Infrared Training Center - The captive training function of FLIR IR, especially to be recommended is the 3.5 day Certification in Building Science IR Training. 

IBACOS (Integrated Building and Construction Solutions) - Researches the basic science of home performance and best construction practices and processes. See Publications> Best Practices for more. Very good illustrations and explanations, good detail. 
See Roofs flashing and illustration of ‘kick out’ flashing, ‘step flashing’. 
See Moisture Issues in Homes with Brick Veneers


LEED For Homes – USGBC – US Green Building Council
See project checklist immediately below
LEED for Homes Pilot Rating System Version 1.11a (PDF)

LBNL Lawrence Berkley National Labs - The Indoor Environment Department conducts a broad program of research, technology development and dissemination activities directed toward improving the health, comfort and energy efficiency of the indoor environment. 


Massachusetts State Energy Code

Mass Energy Efficiency Section of the 7th Code 
Seventh Edition Building Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings
and look for 780061 194k


National Renewable Energy Laboratory – NREL – The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the nation's primary laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development (R&D). Developed REMRate !!! 

National Association of Home Builders Research Center – The NAHB Research Center is a full-service product commercialization company that strives to make housing more durable and affordable. Bottom line, we help push new building technologies into the residential market through our integrated consulting services. Building code development, consulting, 

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) - is the Northeast’s leading organization of professionals and concerned citizens working in sustainable energy and whole systems thinking. NESEA facilitates the widespread adoption and use of sustainable energy by providing support to industry professionals and by educating and motivating consumers to learn about, ask for, and adopt sustainable energy and green building practices. NESEA accomplishes this through its Building Energy conference and trade show, K-12 resources, an advocacy network, high profile public events such as the Tour de Sol and the Green Building Open House, its chapters and members, and its Sustainable Green Pages.

NFRC – National Fenestration Council – Window Performance Data, responsible for the labels on all residential building glazing. 

NOAA National Climactic Data Center – Heating Degree Data – HDD

National OilHeat Research Alliance - NORA is a collaborative program established by the oilheating industry to strengthen the industry by improving education and training for employees in the industry, providing customers more information, and developing new products for customers.


Oil Heat Associates - Does Free, expert consulting on oil heating systems. 

Ozone "Non-Attainment" US EPA - Does your state comply with air quality standards ? 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - ORNL - A compendium of research on buildings, including Retrofit Best Practices Guide, Insulation Fact Sheet, and the Moisture Control Handbook, some of which bears a striking resemblance to some of the material in Builders Guide to Cold Climates. 

From here, also see the following buttons: 

Interactive Calculators

Modified Zone Method – Calc R Values for walls with metal studs and cavity insulation
Moisture Control in Low Slope Roofing – vapor retarder or modification ? 
Whole Wall R Value Calculator – From component parts 
Thermal Mass Calculator – 
Solar Reflective Index Calculator – 
ZIP Code R Value Calculator – Recommended new/existing home insulation by ZIP


Panasonic WhisperGreen Continuous/Intermittent Ventilation Fans – Sizing 

Passive House Institute - US - PHIUS is the organization which undertakes the rigorous training and certification for Passive House consultants, and which certifies homes to the Passive House standard. Mike Duclos is a Certified Passive House Consultant. 

PassivHaus – Dr. Feist – Developer of Passive House – 6 part video 
The first video includes Dr. Feist's description of his motivation for creating the PassivHaus standard
The rest of the videos relate, how it is done, some interesting perspectives, and some the details that have 
been considered. Includes the rational for excluding PV from the PHPP energy use calculation. 

PassivHaus Videos - A variety of vidoes, most from Europe. 

Passive House - The press release by William Shurcliff that provided the blueprint for Passive House, from "The Forgotten Pioneers of Energy Efficiency" by Martin Hollday, Green Builiding Advisor

Passive House Pet Door ? - Yes, it is possible to do this in an PassivHaus, a video shows how it works. 

Passive House: The Future of Building in the US ? - An on-line course produced as the result of a collaboration between the DEAP Group and Heatspring Learning Institute. Expected Availability is April, 2012. For more details

Proctor Engineering Group – Consultants to Utility Companies and Research Institutes
Company which Michael Blasnik joined in Boston. Energy efficiency program design, AC efficiency measurement, PEG designs and implements cost-effective energy efficiency programs that maximize energy savings and reduce peak demand.


REMRate Verification - A presentation from the 2005 RESNET National Conference. 

RESNET Software Verification Standard  

Residential Pilot to Test “Smart Metering” for Pepco’s DC Customers 

Rosenbaum, Marc - article on the famous Hanover House

Retrofit, Masonry -DEAP Group staff worked on the application for this National Grid DER in Jamaica Plain, MA. Here is a detailed report by Building Science of this Cold Climate MultifamilyMasonry Building Condition and Retrofit Analysis

RValue Calculator – ORNL Technical Resource  


SEER And EER as Effective Predictors of Seasonal Cooling Performance 
– Not Very !

Simply Solar - A Fourm for discussion among those interested in designing, building and testing their own solar collectors. Very intersting, creative things are going on and being shared here. 

Solar Overhang Passive Solar 
Roof Overhangs – Solar Shading - Excellent discussion and illustrations 

Designing with the Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator 
For solar shading, $25 each. 

Solar Electric – PV Watts – Grid tied Photovoltaic PV Calculator 
PVWATTS calculates electrical energy produced by a grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system,  developed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL. Also, links to PV related reading. 

NYSERDA's Clean Power Estimator for Solar-Electric or Photovoltaic (PV) Systems 

Stairs – All About Stairs, links at end of article 
Among American architects, an old rule-of-thumb is that the sum of the unit rise and the unit run should be about 17½″. Common practice has been to make the unit rise about 7½ inches, the unit run 9″ for interiors and 11″ for exteriors. 

ToolBase Services is the housing industry's resource for technical information on building products, materials, new technologies, business management, and housing systems. The NAHB Research Center provides the services, with funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) program, and other industry sponsors.

Trigonometric Function Reference – Sine, Cosine, Tangent – NASA, with tables


UMass Building Materials and Wood Technology – Department of Natural Resources Conservation. UMass Amherst. 

US Climate Action Partnership – United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) is a group of businesses and leading environmental organizations that have come together to call on the federal government to quickly enact strong national legislation to require significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. USCAP has issued a landmark set of principles and recommendations to underscore the urgent need for a policy framework on climate change.


Energy Center of Wisconsin - Weatherization Resources, back of the envelope commercial building as a system energy calculator (31 MB!),  frequent webinars and conference calls. 

Air Sealing in Low Rise Buildings – Home Energy 1995 - 

Window Convection Visualization Video - A smoke pencil is used to visualize the convection induced next to a standard ENERGY STAR window. 


ZPD Calculations - Free Calculation Utility from The Energy Conservancy, includes a software guide.  

Zonal Pressure Diagnostics - Karg

An Investigation Into Zone Pressure Diagnostic Protocols for Low Income Housing Weatherization Crews 
A 92 page report from the Energy Center of Wisconsin, the results are particularly interesting (see page 33 of 92) , e.g., some states like MN require ZPD as part of both 'test in' and 'test out'